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With the end of the time period given to the CM to fulfill the 5 points of demand, Adelbert begins his sit-in protest

SHILLONG, January 17: After the time period of 5 days given to the Chief Minister came to an end, the MLA of North Shillong, Adelbert Nongrum on the 17th of January carried out a peaceful sit-in protest against the failure of the Government in making his 5 points demand a reality before the 50 Years of Meghalaya Statehood celebration.

The peaceful sit-in protest carried out by Nongrum in Malki Ground started from 4:00 PM this evening and will end on the 22nd of this month at 10:00 AM. On the first day of the sit-in protest against the Government, Nongrum was accompanied by his wife, Pamela Wahlang and a few leaders of the Khun Hynñiewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM).

Speaking with media persons, Nongrum raised a question; Is it justified to celebrate 50 Years of Meghalaya Statehood when the State has nothing? He informed the media that his sit-in demonstration is symbolic of his stand to not take part in the 50 Years of Meghalaya Statehood celebration till all the demands are fulfilled and added that these demands put forth by him are not difficult for the State Government to fulfill.

The 5 points of demand that the MLA who is also the President of KHNAM had personally submitted with the Chief Minister include the demands for the Government to re-examine and revamp the job reservation quota of the State which has remained the same for 50 years now, to increase the upper age limit of youths seeking employment in government offices to at least 37 years. The other point of demand is for the Government to have a separate state cadre for the IAS, IPS, IFS for as it is at present, the grouping together along with Assam has caused problems for the IAS and IPS officers in judiciously completing their duty especially in the Border Resolution Talks to resolve the interstate border issue with Assam.

Further, Nongrum has said that the Government must finally complete the task as it promised to relocate the residents of Them Ïew Mawlong in accordance with the law and the illegal residents must also be relocated as per the provisions of the law.

With regards to the interstate border resolution with Assam, he said that must be mutual respect between the two states for the status quo and while the State Government takes its time to finally arrive at a resolution of the border dispute, it must have police outposts instated at these disputed border areas for the safety and security of the local residents.

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