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SHILLONG, December 17: The MLAs of the Congress Legislature Party under it’s leader, Dr.M.Ampareen Lyngdoh, today made an offer to the Chief Minister of Meghalaya,Conrad K.Sangma, to work together in unison with the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance Government on several issues which affect the people of the State.

Speaking with media persons, Dr.M.Ampareen Lyngdoh said that this is the new Congress which is ready to work in unison with the Government for the welfare of the people, but it does not mean that the Congress will agree to all the loopholes that the Government cannot see.

She said that the Congress is ready to work with the Government on the pending issues which include the implementation of government schemes rightfully meant for the people to receive, to work together as well towards the implementation of the Inner Line Permit, the demand to exempt all of Meghalaya from the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the inclusion of the Khasi language and Garo language in the 8th Schedule as well as matters relating to the border resolution with Assam.

She said that the meeting of the CLP was to have it heard that the time is right for the Congress party to be in the Legislative Assembly in a proper manner.

The first proposal of the CLP made with the Chief Minister is with regard to the schemes meant for the welfare of the people such as the Chief Minister Special Assistance Scheme, which is slightly unclear, especially the assistance given to women abandoned by their husbands, old age persons and children with physical disabilities.

Further, Dr.M Ampareen Lyngdoh expressed that it was felt that the time is right for the Congress to come forward to work and build and not only oppose and after having given due importance to all these basis, the CLP had decided that it will take the step and offer to work in unison with the MDA Government on issues pertaining to the implementation of the Inner Line Permit, opposition to intention of the Central Government to implement CAA, the inclusion of the Khasi language and Garo language in the 8th Schedule.

One of the matters discussed between the CLP and the Chief Minister was on the Congress not being called to the meeting of all political parties to deliberate on the ongoing talks to resolve the border dispute with Assam.

On this matter, Dr.M.Ampareen Lyngdoh has expressed that they have received a clarification from the Chief Minister that there had been a mistake in the delivery of the letter and with regards to this, the CLP felt that it is not right to close all doors for discussions on this matter just because they are in the opposition.

As the main beneficiaries from the discussion on the border issue will be the people of the state and the CLP is not at any point or in any way hindering this work and the Chief Minister expressed that he shall call another similar meeting and it is fortunate for the CLP as in one of the Border Resolution Regional Committees, two members of the CLP or MLAs of the Congress party are also members.

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