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Chief Minister assures no problem in petroleum supply, urges people not to panic 


Shillong: Following the threatened by the North East Petroleum Mazdoor Union (NEPMU) to stop bringing petroleum products into the state if members are not released from jail, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said there is no immediate problem with the supply of petroleum products in Meghalaya and that the public need not panic.

While speaking to reporters, CM Sangma said bail to arrested members of the North East Petroleum Mazdoor Union (NEPMU) will be granted only by the court and not by the government.

It maybe mentioned, the NEPMU has demanded the immediate release of their members from jail, failing which they had threatened to halt the transportation of any petroleum products to Meghalaya starting from December 12, 2023.

Speaking to reporters, Sangma said, “We have discussed with everybody and the matter is in court. They are requesting for bail but bail is going to be granted only by the Court and not by the government so that process is on.”

“But in that process some of the transporters were not satisfied or concerned people were not satisfied and hence discussion are still going on but just to share with all of you that all efforts are being put from government side to ensure public is not at the receiving end and there is no inconvenience to the people,” he added.

Appealing to the public not to panic, the CM said, “At this point in time I would request the public not to worry about things as if the situation that comes in then definitely Government of Meghalaya will inform the people accordingly but let us not go with rumours, let us not go with news just to create panic among the people because that is not what is happening as of now.”

“Of course there is a problem in the sense that the discussion is still on and we are trying to resolve it but there is no immediate problem with the supply of petrol and diesel in the state and I would request there should not be any panic. If there is any situation we will inform but as of now things are under control,” he assured.

Going back to the incident, the CM said that the action taken by the police of Ri Bhoi was based on complaints from the different petrol pumps that tankers that were coming and bringing the oil to the state pilferage was taking place in that and about 10-15% and sometimes 20% of the oil was taken out before it reached the petrol pump and hence a huge loss for the petrol pumps.

“Based on that, a massive operation was conducted by the Ri Bhoi police and they found solid evidence where they were able to pick up some people who were actually involved in all of this and that was then converted into a harassment from police which is not true at all as police were only doing its job based on complaints by the petrol pump owners,” he stated.

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