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Sports and better infrastructures a way to guide youth away from the wrong path in life: CM Conrad   


Shillong: The State Government is stressing in overall development in terms of sports and its infrastructure to guide the youth away from the wrong path in life, said Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Tuesday, as he inaugurated the first-ever Indoor Stadium in the Upper Shillong area at Nongkseh Ground, Nongkseh.

“For us as a government it is not just about the indoor stadium that we are trying to build or the infrastructure that we are trying to create, but most importantly it is about the youth of our State who really need all the support, all the guidance and all the help that we need to give to our youth so that they are not misguided and don’t go into the wrong direction in life”, said CM Conrad in his addressing speech.

CM Sangma states that as the leader of the state and as the government, support and guiding the youth this is one of the toughest challenges they face. Chief Minister said that the government faced significant challenges concerning unemployment, drug abuse, and various issues affecting the youth of different ages.

“With all these challenges, we as the government are trying to provide with facilities so that we can help the youth of our state to move in the right direction”, added the Chief Minister.

A newly inaugurated Indoor Stadium holds no meaning if its activities are not utilized by the youth for the right purposes, he said. “Skill programs, sports activities for the youth, music programs, and job creation initiatives should take place inside the indoor stadium to make it truly meaningful and beneficial for our youth,” added the Chief Minister.

Sports facilities and other sports infrastructure hold no meaning if the community and society, together, do not make efforts to impact the lives of our youth. The government cannot do this alone; it requires the support and collaboration of the community and society as a whole,” urged the Chief Minister, encouraging everyone to come together and work for the betterment of the youth.

As the first-ever Indoor Stadium in the Upper Shillong area, the Chief Minister expressed hope and prayed that the Indoor Stadium at Nongkseh would serve as an example for other areas within the city and the State as it could demonstrate how a community, supported by the government, can transform and create opportunities, leading the youth in the right direction, concluded Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma.

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