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HYC urges Govt to establish ‘Fast Track Courts’ for NDPS cases & strengthen the crackdown against drug trafficker



Shillong; The Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) has called upon the Meghalaya government to set up Fast Track Courts/Special Courts to handle cases under the NDPS Act also they emphasize the need for stronger measures against repeat offenders in drug trafficking, advocating for their detention under the stringent provisions of the PIT-NDPS Act.


During a meeting with Cabinet Minister Paul Lyngdoh on Wednesday, HYC leaders, including President Roy Kupar Synrem, submitted a representation letter outlining their demands and suggestions to the government.


Synrem lauded the government’s initiative in launching the Drug Reduction, Elimination, and Action Mission (DREAM) which aimed at creating a “drug-free Meghalaya.” However, he expressed concerns about the mission’s implementation, urging it not to remain solely on paper like previous governmental documents.


“.. what concern us is that this Mission/Policy should not become like other documents of the Government which look good only on paper but failed to take off and implement as desired”, said Synrem in a letter to the Minister.


Also, the HYC stressed the urgency of establishing Fast Track Courts/Special Courts under the DREAM Project, particularly for the East Khasi Hills District, where trials under the NDPS Act often prolong for years, discouraging witnesses and the public from actively participating in the fight against drugs.


Additionally, the HYC urged the government to strengthen the crackdown on drug traffickers, especially by enforcing stringent provisions against repeat offenders under the PIT-NDPS Act.


Raising a crucial question, Synrem pointed out that while the State Government constituted the Advisory Board mandated by the PIT-NDPS Act in July 2023, it remains unclear if the Board has recommended any cases for detention under the Act to date.


“Although, the State Government has constituted the Advisory Board as mandated by the Prevention of Illicit Traffic in Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substance (PIT-NDPS) Act, 1988 in the month of July, 2023, it is not known whether the Board has recommended any cases of detention under the Act till date”, he added.

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