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Meghalaya police burn down over 4 Cr worth of narcotics drugs in East Jaiñtia Hills  


Shillong: In a mass disposal of drugs, the Meghalaya Police burnt down Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances with a value of 4 crore at the Star Cement Plant in Lumshnong in East Jaintia Hills District on Thursday.

The incineration of these narcotics and psychotropic substances, confiscated in multiple cases, occurred on Thursday utilising the furnace at the Star Cement Plant.

While speaking to the media, Dr. L.R. Bishnoi, IPS Director General of Police, disclosed that the confiscated consignments originated from more than 51 cases, with 25 cases from West Jaintia Hills, 10 cases from East Khasi Hills, 14 cases from West Khasi Hills, and 2 from Ri Bhoi District across the state.

The seized substances, comprising heroin valued at 3 crore, cannabis, and cough syrup with a total worth of 80 lakh and 20 lakhs respectively, were sourced from districts within the Eastern Range, encompassing East Khasi Hills, Ri Bhoi District, West Khasi Hills, and West Jaintia Hills.

Dr. L.R. Bishnoi emphasiSed that over 500 drug traffickers were apprehended during this operation. While expressing his concern, Bishnoi lamented the escalating numbers of individuals involved in drug use. Additionally, he also highlighted his worry about the increasing prevalence of female drug users.

He further stressed that due process was adhered to and that the Supreme Court’s orders regarding the disposal of seized drugs were meticulously followed. To ensure zero pollution, permissions were obtained from the Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board in Shillong for the disposal of these substances.

Bishnoi also provided an overview to the media, revealing that the police executed more than 1500 awareness campaigns at the community level and orchestrated awareness programs in educational institutions throughout the state. In the ongoing battle against this problem, the police have embraced six strategic approaches.

He stressed the importance of media support in combating the drug menace. He also highlighted the police force’s adaptation to modern times by utilizing available technology to combat the problem.

Bishnoi highlighted the establishment of a state-of-the-art Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) unit within the police department, eliminating the need to rely on other states for testing drugs seized within Meghalaya.

The police need the support of the community and even the church to combat the menace Bishnoi said.


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