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Meghalaya strengthens fight against drug menace, to initiate battle from West Shillong Constituency


Shillong : Social welfare minister, Paul Lyngdoh on Tuesday reiterated the state’s commitment to combat the drug menace during a meeting held on Tuesday. This meeting marked a significant step in the ongoing efforts to address the issue.

Lyngdoh emphasized, “Today we’re taking our efforts to the grassroots level, beginning with the West Shillong constituency, which is known for its high concentration of drug trafficking hotspots. Many residents have consistently voiced their concerns about the presence of illicit drug traffickers in these areas.”

He further highlighted that valuable insights were shared, including the challenges faced by the local dorbars (traditional village councils) when reporting or assisting law enforcement in apprehending offenders.

Among the pivotal decisions made, the focus was on actively involving the dorbars and fostering sustained collaboration. Lyngdoh pointed out, “This aligns with the core values of the DREAM mission statement, emphasizing community engagement.”

Additionally, it was decided that the state-level committee, tasked with overseeing these initiatives, would be headed by the Chief Minister. The social welfare minister expressed his intent to promptly present this proposal to the CM for immediate action.

Furthermore, a commitment was made to ensure regular interactions on pertinent issues. This includes addressing challenges such as witnesses having to repeatedly appear in court, a hindrance to community involvement. Both the social welfare and police departments are jointly working towards formulating amendments and rules under the NDP PITS Act. These rules will be crafted to encourage active community participation in the battle against the drug menace.

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