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Will examine the Legal Notice to determine which provision of law it was served, says Mukul   




Shillong: Former Chief Minister and TMC MLA from Songsak, Dr. Mukul Sangma, stated that he has to initially checked the ‘Legal Notice’ sent by Henry Lalremsanga and reviewed under which legal provisions the notice was issued to him before giving any comments.

On Friday, a Legal Notice, sent by Henry Lalremsanga’s Legal Counsel, was issued to the former Chief Minister for his accusations on Lalremsanga terming his a ‘drug kingpin’ while delivering his speech in the Meghalaya Assembly on September 19.

Speaking to reporters on Friday Mukul Sangma said, “if it has been served, than I have to receive it and then let me see, what type of legal notice is given and what are the provisions of law under which he is sending me this notice”.

Dr Mukul supported his actions in the Assembly, emphasizing that the matter was raised and discussed in the broader interest of society.

“What I have said in the House is available, it is in the public domain though it has been expunged subsequently. But please remember one thing, after my submission in the august House with a clear intent, the intent is well reflected of my way of submission of the facts in the interests of the people. Keeping in mind the kind of situation that is now prevailing in the state, not only in Meghalaya but across Northeast and the kind of situation that is considered alarming, that is the only reason why this issue was brought”, said the former CM.

Mukul Sangma reiterated that Henry Lalremsanga should instead send a legal notice to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma as he was the one who talk about this matter outside the house.

“….as far as this case is concerned after having raised this issue, what was spoken by me pertaining to that issue inside the House is available but outside the House when the Chief Minister himself started speaking, he should send this legal notice to the Chief Minister only”, he added.

Worth mentioning, Article 194 (2) of the Indian Constitution mentioned that, “No member of the Legislature of a State shall be liable to any proceedings in any court in respect of anything said or any vote given by him in the Legislature or any committee thereof, and no person shall be so liable in respect of the publication by or under the authority of a House of such a Legislature of any report, paper, votes or proceedings”.

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