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Both India and Bharat are constitutionally recognised. Its usage depends on the language of communication: CM



Shillong: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma, in response to recent discussions about renaming India as Bharat, clarified on Tuesday that both the name India and Bharat has always been a part of the Constitution, and its usage depends on the language of communication.


Sangma, while addressing media personnel, said, saying both India and Bharat are constitutionally recognised and people are creating unnecessary controversy when there is none.


“When I communicate in Hindi, I will refer to our nation as Bharat, and in English, I will use the term India. Both India and Bharat are recognized terms in the Constitution, so there is no controversy. We are creating unnecessary controversy where there is none,” said CM Sangma.


Sangma emphasized that they are following the Constitution’s guidelines. He mentioned that in many of his Hindi speeches, he has consistently used the term Bharat.


“It’s a matter of choosing the appropriate language, and there’s nothing wrong with using either India or Bharat. It depends on the context. The constitution permits us to use either name,” Sangma concluded.

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