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Cabinet Minister Paul Lyngdoh Expresses Concerns Over “One Nation, One Election” Proposal


Shillong: Cabinet Minister and Government official spokesperson, Paul Lyngdoh expressed express concerns about the ‘one nation, one election’ as proposed by the Modi led government at the centre.

Lyngdoh while speaking to reporters said that in a country as diverse as India, it’s questionable whether ‘one nation, one election’ is feasible.

He said that India’s diversity is so vast that we even require multiple time zones.

Citing examples of the United States, Lyngdoh said our region experiences sunrise much earlier than the rest of the country. The United States, despite being a single nation, operates with four different time zones, which illustrates the point.”

When questioned further, Lyngdoh commented that he will study the matter properly to understand the consequences of the proposal on the part of the government.

He further stated that this is indeed a very challenging concept. Our belief in ‘unity in diversity’ should guide our actions, he added.

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