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BJP leader dies of suicide after intimate pictures of her with another party worker surface online


Assam: In a shocking incident, a well-known member of Assam BJP, Indrani Tahbildar was found dead at her home in Guwahati, Assam.

This sad incident happened on a Friday. Before this, some private pictures of her with a senior BJP leader were spread on social media, making many people talk about it.

Some people think that these private pictures being shared widely might have contributed to her decision to end her life.

Her passing has affected the Assam BJP and the wider political community. She was an important part of the state BJP, holding positions like the vice president of the Chambers of Commerce and treasurer of the Krishan Morcha. She was also closely connected to the senior BJP leader seen in the pictures.

In response to this sad event, the police have started looking into what happened to Indrani Tahbildar. They are trying to find out how she passed away and who shared the private pictures. Her body has been taken to a medical college and hospital for a detailed examination.

The Assam BJP is facing this loss and is dealing with questions about privacy and the negative effects of sharing things on social media. The investigation will hopefully give us more information about what happened.

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