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Process of Job Recruitments in The State Will Resume : CM Conrad


Shillong: The State Government on Tuesday has decided to move forward with the job recruitment process post amendment of the Office Memorandum (OM) 2022 for the reservation roster.

Speaking to reporters after the cabinet meeting, CM said, “the Office Memorandum (OM) for the reservation roster amendments were put up today to be made in the reservation roster so that the reservation roster OM is clear and with these amendments now in the OM, the process of recruitments will also starting post the OM for the reservation roster that will come out most probably in the next few days”.

However, the Voice of the People’s Party (VPP) demanded to halt recruitment process in various government departments until a roster system of the job reservation policy is deliberated upon, Chief Minister said that jobs recruitment cannot be stop as it will affect the age for youths applying for employment in government posts.

“recruitments cannot stop I mean if we put a stop to recruitment, then many of our youngsters who are meant to get jobs and who are going to apply for them who will get over age, as the days go by will suffer and hence in the larger interest of ensuring that the youth get the jobs while the the review or the discussions or the committees will deliberate on the different aspects of reservation policy”, said CM Conrad

Therefore, the CM said, “The recruitments will continue”.

Reacting to a question if the Reservation Roster will be retrospective or prospective, CM clarify that roster is a continuous process and it is required to know where we are in the roster at present.

“I’ve maintained from day one, that the roster is a continuous process and the continuity, obviously, it starts with 1972. But the continuity is there. And we’ve been maintaining that in the past many years. The different positions that have been there have been filled up by certain communities, in some case and by different communities in certain cases, and hence, whatever the case may be, those positions were filled up. But the roster plotting is required as required to allow us to know where we are in the roster today. And hence the data that’s going to be plotted is going to allow us then to know from which particular serial number to be start now and that is the main purpose and hence the advertisements will take place from that serial number and that is the purpose of plotting the numbers from 1972. And wherever the data is available. We are doing it wherever data is not available. We’re starting from one”, he stated.

Chief Minister informed that the recommendations that have been given by the all party committee to us we have included those recommendations to amend the OM.


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