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Monday, April 15, 2024

Garos are more political matured than us Khasi, says Cabinet Minister Paul Lyngdoh


Shillong: “The Garos are far more matured, far more astute politically compared to us (khasi)”, said Cabinet Minister and government spokesperson, Paul Lyngdoh on Monday .

Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said the Garo people have shown more wisdom and maturity in electing their representatives, while the Khasi “make a lot of unnecessary noise on all of the things”.

“Few noises were made in Khasi Hills about a Khasi Chief Minister in 2023, however, there is no such glamour in the Garo Hills, but what they did..they put an end to all the hopes for a Khasi CM by ensuring that out of 24, 18 seats went to the NPP in the Garo Hills sector”, said Lyngdoh.

The Garo people did not make any noise about it, whereas, we made all the noise, added Lyngdoh.



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