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The fight in Sohïong is against the parties alliance with the BJP under the NPP led MDA-II government: Osborne


Shillong: The Congress candidate of Sohiong constituency, S. Osborne Kharjana said that the congress is contesting against the alliance of the BJP, that is the parties under the coalition of the NPP led MDA-II government.

Kharjana claimed with the attending of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the swearing-in ceremony in Shillong, just shows that it is the BJP that run the incumbent government in Meghalaya.

Slamming at the regional parties, Kharjana said these (regional parties) were campaigning against and openly said to not joined with both the BJP and NPP, but only after few days of counting, all have witnessed the UDP have supported the NPP to form the new coalition government.

The postponement of the Polls in Sohiong have been an eye opener to the people of the constituency, said Kharjana as they have already seen the true colours of all the parties. He claims that the postponement will help him to win the Sohiong seat.

On asked, why would the people choose the Congress as they are in the opposition, Kharjana said that being in the opposition have their own role to play and the schemes allotted cannot be denied. Actually, said Kharjana, the opposition plays an important role in Democracy as they keep track of the government’s functioning.

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