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Blunder that has been perpetuated for 50 years, cannot be resolve in 5 days: Paul Lyngdoh


Shillong: Cabinet Minister Paul Lyngdoh said that the reservation policy is a blunder as there are many errors and resolving it in five days or five weeks or even five months is next to impossible.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Lyngdoh said to resolve the issue one needs to look at things objectively and the government service has reached the point of saturation.

“It is a fact that a blunder has been committed 50 years ago, so how to resolve that is more difficult because it is an issue that has been festering for half a century. So, solution will not come in five days, a blunder that has been perpetuated for 50 years, cannot be resolve in 5 days or 5 week or even 5 months, but let it be resolved bit by bit”, said Lyngdoh.

“…there is a lot of errors in that policy, for intake giving space of two to three years for a post to be filled up means you are undermining, compromising the quality of the administration”, he added.

He further said that if an office has to have staff members and one has to wait for two years it means that the office is running short of staff for two to three years, that itself is a blunder, said the Minister.

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