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Heated arguments erupts between Pnar and Karbi community in Block 1 area


Shillong: Tension arises between the two communities- Pnar and the Karbi people living in disputed Block 1 area, West Jaiñtia Hills on Saturday.

However, the tension escalated on Monday with reports of a large argument taking place between the two groups in the village of Mowjem.

The conflict centers around allegations that Karbi people have been taking over Jaintia lands without permission and constructing houses on them.

It is alleged that earlier the Karbis used to ask permission from the Jaintia inhabitants to cultivate in their lands, but with time they have claimed ownership of the lands and constructed houses on them.

Recently, some Karbis asked the local Pnars or Jaintias to cultivate Broom in their land known as Iaw Muksow, Sopiang, but the Jaintias declined. The Karbis then forcibly cultivated broom in the same land. However, on April 15, unknown miscreants destroyed the brooms. Following this, on Monday tension arose between the two tribes at Mowjem Village, forcing authorities from both states to intervene and calm down the crowd.

Upon learning about the incident, the KSU-WJHD went to the site and urged the government to take steps to resolve the border dispute.

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