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The new High level tribe prosper in Meghalaya under the MDA-I Government: Dr Celestine Lyngdoh


Shillong: The “High Level” tribe, a new tribe allowed by the MDA Government to prosper amongst the three other tribes in Meghalaya, alleged MLA from Umsning Dr Celestine Lyngdoh on Monday.

In a serious accusation against the government, Unsning MLA has stated that the major achievement of the MDA-I government is the allowing the prosperity of a new tribe amongst the three- Khasi, Garo and Jaiñtia, the new tribe alleged the Umsning Legislator is the “High Level” tribe.

“….because of this new tribe the police force has lost faith infront of the High Court of Meghalaya”, further alleged the Umsning MLA referring to the High Court ruling on March 15 seeking deployment of 10 companies of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) which can operate independently to check illegal mining and transportation of coal in the state.

Lyngdoh in his speech during the Budget discussion on Monday has stated that due to the unlawful activities we get the tagged of the “most corrupt state” in the country.

“These allegations against the State recently was not made by any Tom, Dick nor Harry but a very very important person in our Country… can we just ignore it, the allegations was not made in a tea shop or in a corner but in a huge political rally in the presence of thousands of people. This has affected our image”, Lyngdoh refers to the allegations made by the Union Home Minister while addressing the crowd in Tura on February 17.

“…all these activities that are going on that we get the tagged of the most corrupted state in India, someone is calling the shots from behind”, further alleged the MLA from Umsning.

“There are certain group of people who say that if you do something without us it is corruption but the same activity if we are included it is called brilliance that is the tragedy that our country is facing now”, states Dr Celestine while taking a dig at both the BJP leaders and the MDA government in the state.

The MLA however said that it is his wish to see that the incumbent government will be able to control the new tribe- the High Level tribe.

“I wish that the men in uniform they are able to recover back their lost prestige that they have faced under the current government dispensation”, he added.

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