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Ardent criticise the house proceedings; label as Anti-People and Undemocratic Assembly.


Shillong: The Voice of the People’s Party (VPP) Chief and Nongkrem legislator Ardent M Basawiamoit has criticised the proceedings of the current Budget Session of the Assembly and term it as an Undemocratic Assembly.

The VPP chief furious after he was unable to move the motion on Roster System in the State of Meghalaya, labelling the House as “Anti-people” and “Undemocratic”.

Speaking to reporters on Friday after the session, Ardent has said that the him being an MLA for three terms has not seen such proceedings of this present house.

“This is the shortest Budget session with just 7 days, two-days of private members’ business and five-days of government business. With just two days and so less of speaking time allotted how can we the opposition MLAs bring all the concerning issues”, said Adrent.

Ardent said that this house is “anti-people” and “undemocratic”. “As an MLA, this is the first time I experienced such proceedings”, he said.

The VPP chief alleged that the government has “ordered” all the MLAs in the government to take part in the motion which is irrelevant with their constituencies.

“The motion brought up by Mylliem MLA is specifically relevant to Mylliem constituency. This is the first time the speaker allows MLAs to bring issues that are not relevant with their respective constituency”, he added.

The VPP Chief has also threatened to hit the streets in protest since he was unable to to move a motion in the house.

“We don’t want this but the government has forced us to hit the streets to protest”, said Ardent.

With the Private Members Business ending on Friday, the opposition can no longer move any motion on the floor of the house and this did not go down well with the VPP legislators who alleged that the lesser number of days allotted for private members business, which was two, was an attempt of the MDA Il government to run away from responsibility.

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