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It is the people’s mandate and the decision of the MLAs to whom they want to support: Conrad K Sangma


Shillong, March 04: The National President of The National People’s Party (NPP), Conrad Kongal Sangma informed that the MLAs are chosen by the people of the constituency and it is the people decision and it is the MLAs decision as to whom they aligned themselves with.

Furthermore, he added that the pressure groups may have their own opinions and issues in accordance with the recent MLA election.

“The MLAs are elected by the people of the constituency and hence it is the mandate of the people. The MLAs will decide on whom they want to support so NGOs may have their own concerns and issues but that is separate from election mandate”, said Conrad K Sangma on Saturday.

With regards to the letter submitted by the HSPDP which states that it has no hands in aligning with the NPP to form government, the NPP leader stated that it is the Legislature Party which is in support to form the government and both the MLAs have signed their alliance in support of the NPP to form government in the State on Friday afternoon.

Sangma also informed that the oath taking ceremony for the new government will take place on the 7th of March at the residence of the Governor of the State and the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, minister of Home Affairs of the country will also be present at the ceremony. The NPP Chief has also informed that the total strength of the newly formed government is at 32. NPP with 26, the BJP with 2, the two Independent Candidates and the 2 from the HSPDP.

On stating about the news that there may be other parties who are planning on forming the government, Conrad informed that the speculation is however true, but the NPP Chief deferred to further comment on the matter.


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