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Present Government will be seen as compliant to the Assam Government if outposts are not instated


Shillong, December 05: The MDC of Mawhati, Charles Marngar said that the public at no cost will allow the Government to put up Border Outposts at Tyrso and Thadrang, but should set them up at the borders as demanded by the Synjuk Rangbah Shnong Border Area under Raid Nongtung, to set them up in Ummat and Umthlieh.

He said that even the residents of Tyrso and Thadrang do not want an Outpost being set up in their villages which are within the boundary of Meghalaya. He also informed that in the meeting with the CEM of the KHADC, Titosstarwell Chyne had agreed to support the demand of the Synjuk.

He posed a question to the Meghalaya Government on whether it is scared to put Outposts at the border which shows that the State Government is compliant to the Assam Government, and if that is not the case then when Assam can set up Outposts, Meghalaya should also be able to set them up.

Charles Marngar further stated that if the Government puts up a Border Outpost in Tyrso and Thadrang, it will be a clear indication that the boundary of Meghalaya starts only from these villages. He said that in the meeting with the Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma he had clearly stated that the Government will work hard to ensure that Meghalaya can put up Border Outposts at the Border, and this statement of the CM means that there is already a mutual understanding to not put-up Outposts at the interstate border.

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