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Amur Falcon migration a boon for farmers in Tyrso Valley: G.S TVWPS


Nongpoh, November 21: The Tyrso Valley Wildlife Protection Society(TVWPS) is a group comprising of residents of Tyrso which is in Ri-Bhoi area was established on the 15th of September,2015. The group was especially set up for the protection and preservation of nature including animals, birds and aquatic species.

The group this year held the 6th Mini Amur Falcon Festival which began on the 18th of November and concluded on the 19th of November,2022.

Speaking with Alos Nongpoh, General Secretary of the Tyrso Valley Wildlife Protection Society said that after the loss of two years due to the Covid pandemic, they are happy to organise the festival. He also said that the aim of the festival is to preserve the Amur Falcon that migrate to Tyrso during this time every year. He also said that these birds usually arrive on the 15th of October every year and stay on for about a month and a half before they go migrate again to another place.

Furthermore, he said that the migration of the Amur Falcon is a great boon for the farmers because these birds eat away the pests that damage their crops. He also said that the migration of the birds has brought progress in the area as it resulted in proper asphalt roads being made in the area which has really eased the tourists who visit the place to watch the birds.

He also said that they did not receive even 30 percent of support from the Government in the organisation of the festival. He also urges the Government to turn their focus to the festival as it does for other festivals in the State, for this is the only festival in the State which focuses on birds which also tries to find ways on how to preserve and protect these endangered birds.


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