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Enforcement department of the KHADC discovers hundreds of non-locals working without any trading license


Nongpoh, July 21: Following the information received about many shops not possessing proper documents or trading licenses to operate their business especially in the border areas of the State. The Enforcement personnel of the KHADC today conducted a surprise inspection in Pilangkata area which is a border area village in Ri-Bhoi District and also in Byrnihat area.

The inspection and raid was led by F.Kharsyntiew, Inspector incharge of the area, B.Riahtam, Asst. Superintendent and others in close cooperation of the Dorbar Shnong of Pilangkata A and B and also the Police of Pilangkata Outpost.

In the raid, the Enforcement police of the KHADC found many shops from Byrnihat area onwards to Pilangkata were operating their businesses without proper documents including trading licenses to operate their business and shops were also found to be operating illegally without proper documents.

Speaking with F.Kharsyntiew, Inspector incharge of the border area, he expressed the surprise inspection conducted today for documents of shops in the border area is because of the requests made by the local residents to look into the shops operated by many non-locals without any proper documents and not in compliance with the regulations of the District Council.

He said after finding many shops failing to produce or having any proper documents, they gave the shop owners 15 days to procure or produce the necessary documents and if they fail to do so, the District Council will shut down all the shops without proper documents.

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