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Member of HNYM,WKHD to finance medical treatment of child with strange ailment as family cannot afford treatment


HNYM, WKHD to try and provide free medical treatment for child suffering from strange ailment

The HNYM under the leadership of Tailanstar Lyngkhoi, President of HNYM, WKHD visited the family of the child who lost his private parts from being electrocuted in the past few days who is also the son of Banisha Kurbah from Umwiehsup Mairang, EWKHD.

On this day were also present the Rangbah Shnong and Secretary of the village who also expressed their gratitude to the organisation who came to support the family which is also headed by a female.

After visiting this family, the members of the organisation also visited the house of Ediltredis Nongsiej and Krik Musalman whose grandson is suffering from a strange ailment staying in Sohpian village, Nongstoiñ and it is said that because the family is economically challenged therefore Donboklang Marweiñ, Asst Organising Secretary,HNYM, WKHD who is also a traditional medicine practitioner well known in the area as well, has taken the responsibility to provide free treatment to the child and from that day itself he tried to take the child to his treatment centre for the needful.

On this day were also present Kmendar Tympuiñ, Adviser of the HNYM, Nongstoiñ Pyllun and Jana Dkhar,Joint Secretary,HNYM, WKHD.

As a reminder, the two households including the child who entered the area where transformers were kept and was electrocuted by a high powered electricity leading to him being severely injured and also losing his private parts, while the other child is a child who had contracted a strange ailment which resulted in his body swelling up in all parts with the worst affected being his abdomen which looks like it’s about to burst which is a scary and pitiful sight to look at.

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