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Public condemnation of a junior by a senior shows discord in the BJP : Ampareen


SHILLONG, July 08: The suspended Congress MLA of East Shillong, Dr.Ampareen Lyngdoh said that A.L Hek who is the MLA of the BJP publicly condemning another BJP MLA, Sanbor Shullai is evident of a discord in the BJP.

She said that if she is a senior leader she will not discredit her friend in the public platform or on news agencies and this action is evident of a clash between them. She said that she cannot speak much or anything at all about the actions of Sanbor Shullai but added that if it was her, she would respect what Metbah Lyngdoh had to express, and if needed she would have spoken what needs to be said at a different time and place.

On the other hand the former leader of the Congress said the fact is that the issue on the implementation of the ILP, the inclusion of the native languages of the State in the 8th Schedule do not come under the purview of the President, and could maybe be just a try to show something is done before the election.

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