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With the cooperation of the VDP and the Police, 11 illegal immigrants from Bangladesh arrested


SHILLONG, June 17: The Home Minister of Meghalaya, Lahkmen Rymbui said that the cooperation of the police and the local public residents of the border area with Bangladesh made it possible for the arrest of people who intended to illegally enter India through Meghalaya.

He also informed that yesterday the members of the Village Defence Party (VDP) of Kuliang apprehended 11 people who are Bangladesh nationals from one vehicle along with 2 other who are locals present with the driver of the said vehicle who is from Assam.

Rymbui praised the VDP and the local residents residing in the border area with Bangladesh for cooperating and coordinating with the police as they immediately informed the police after they had apprehended these people.

On being queried, Rymbui informed that the police force of all the districts in coordination with the VDP of the villages in the border areas have been very vigilant in preventing the entry of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, and from the local residents’ end, they immediately inform the police whenever they see a person whose nationality seems doubtful.

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