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Poverty pushes brilliant student to give up higher studies


Even though we always say that money or riches cannot buy knowledge but that is not true for the poverty stricken people who have no means of continuing further in the quest for higher education and seeking more knowledge due to the lack of their economic capacity in paying the fees.

This has happened to one brilliant student who scored good marks in the SSLC Examination who wants to pursue higher education but since he comes from an economically challenged household and although he secured a 1st Division with excellent marks in each subject, he is pushed to drop any hopes of receiving any higher education and achieve the aim in his mind.

The student is Jacobson Lyngdoh Lyngkhoi, 16 years of age, son of Darius Basaïawmoit and Sabina Lyngdoh Lyngkhoi from Kynrud village in Eastern West Khasi Hills District and studied in St.Joseph Minor Seminary, Pyndengrei Nongstoiñ,WKHD.

The boy is the youngest child of the couple who are elderly and earn their livelihood as daily wage labourers and from small scale farming. His eldest brother had been the important pillar in the life of Jacobson but now since his brother also has his own family to support even amidst his hard work to support his youngest brother has now met with a challenge and he has to shout out to the world with hope and expectation that some help might come his brother’s way.

In connection with this when t7 received information about the boy, the team promptly went searching for the boy who even amidst a lack of hope spoke to t7 and said, “I have faith that God will open a way for me for it is him who gave me this mind”, said the boy.

Jacobson Lyngdoh Lyngkhoi secured 71 in English, 91 in Khasi, 83 in Mathematics, 83 in Science and Technology,85 in Social Science, 98 in Health and his aggregate percentage is 87%.

Is there no hope for the economically challenged to reach their aim? Is poverty the hurdle for students with good marks scored through rightful means? Is poverty going to stop students who aim for a higher goal from pursuing higher education?

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