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More than half trust me, Macmilan confident of winning in 2023


SHILLONG, June 08 : The NPP MLA from Nongstoiñ, Macmilan Byrsat has expressed confidence about coming back as an MLA by winning in the Assembly Election of 2023, and also claimed that more than 60% of the voters have their faith in him.

He said in 2018 he was not fighting against the candidates of the Congress,HSPDP or anyone but he was fighting to get the love and trust of the people and expressed that the people till now have their trust on him. He said that irrespective of whether he is a representative or not, he has the response for the region and the State.

On the other hand, he said that at present, he cannot be certain as to which he will be fighting against in the upcoming election because as can be seen, the Congress has been on a declining line as are the other parties.

He said from 1972 since Statehood was achieved, HSPDP had always won in Nongstoiñ, and it was only in 2018 that the NPP won owing to the people’s intelligence in choosing a representative.

Further, Macmilan Byrsat said that currently, more than half of the voters trust him, and others too will eventually start trusting him and added that he has no doubt in coming back as an MLA after the 2023 Assembly Election.

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