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MGMP has completed a one month gig


Since 3rd May 2022, MGMP has completed a one month gig that many artists from Meghalaya perform in cafes, restaurants, and on the streets. As a result of this project, local artists can showcase their talent and tune in for more amazing artists to come

All singers and musicians in Meghalaya are encouraged to register themselves by following their link on Instagram @MGMP

It has always been said that music is a therapy, so let’s all freshen up our minds by attending these gigs and seeing with our naked eyes what our talented people are capable of.

  • LEO BOYS Born and brought up in the hills of Meghalaya, Leo Boys are the most dynamic rap duo to emerge out of the region. Leo Boys consists of Sagnik Choudhury (hulkyboyy) and Soumyadeep Dasgupta (eldeepo) who have long time buddies from school and have shared the love of Rap from their very early days. What started with sharing CD’s and rapping in front of friends, turned into a long time dream and a profession for the boys. They started by downloading free beats and recording songs on their phones and circulating them through Whatsapp and posting them on Reverberation which at that time was the only possible way to put out their content for the two 15 years olds. After their high school, the boys shifted to Kolkata for their further studies and took up music professionally. They started their YouTube channel back in 2017 and have put out more than 50 plus songs upto now which includes 2 full length albums and multiple singles and music videos. But this isn’t even the start. The vision these boys have is solely to reach a stage where they can provide a platform for everyone who’s filled with the same passion and dreams and let them know that it’s possible to do this no matter where you are from.
  • GRAVITEE is an Alternative Hip Hop crew consisting of 3 members in total, namely PotenCee, BraZee and KayCee. They are rap enthusiasts but are also an experimental bunch and hence, it is hard to point out their style of music and box them in a genre. However, what one can find is the hardship, emotions, endeavours and many more things that common people can relate to in the contents of their music. Gravitee has released 4 singles throughout the days since they dropped their debut single last year and has also been a feature in one of a local artist’s single named “Things I Don’t Deserve”, and will possibly continue to pursue music and put out more content for the public in the days to come which will definitely turn out to be better than their previous work.
  • LIL JOE “Rapping for me was when I realized I was 9 years old. Hip hop has always been my dream that I always want to choose it as my carrier and get a chance to go deep about music as for now I’m just an independent artist. Representing ‘004, “spread love not hate” Peace y’all.”
  • JAMEER K is an Indie artist hailing from Shillong, Meghalaya.
    Inspired by Bands like Led Zepellin, The Beatles, Guns n roses, Eagles, Aerosmith. Artiste like Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Tracy Chapman, Janis Joplin, his motto as a musician is to live, love, learn and breathe music.
    He loves performing Rock/Funk//Soul.

    With the groove in his soul, he is now based out of Pune and is out to change the scene, one track at a time!
  • LEROY “Ever since my mind could form memories, I’ve always remembered loving music. As I grew older, this latent interest and passion for music also started growing as I found myself wanting to know more about the whats, the hows and whys of music. Far from being a professional, I’m really just having fun doing what I love. I believe that you don’t have to be the best at it as long as people resonate with you and you are able to convey what you have in your heart through your music.”
  • BADEN “My journey in music began as a small step and with humble beginning, from singing alone in the room, imitating the singers on TV, then singing in church, school, college and moved up by hitting the stage in Sohra & Pynursla’s Got Talent 2019 and ended up a Finalist. It was then that the dream was built inside me and it’s that never ending desire and passion that drives me to this day. I’m grateful that this has opened new doors for me to connect with people. I find solace in music and hope you do too.
  • GINO “Nobody can get used to writing about themselves. Some say it’s the hardest thing to do, it’s worth the try, it’s not all bad. We only have to ask ourselves, “Who am I?”
    I am Gino, I hail from Mawlai. Im no guitarist, no drummer, I’m the singer, the writer. I aspire to be a teacher. I can be the cheerleader or the leader. Music is to live and to learn. In time, I hope I can give back everything that this city has given me, through music, through teaching, through living and learning. Everything I see and feel, I try to turn into a song. It’s like an addiction. I owe it to every single person I have come across in my life. Every single one.”
  • MAMA UJO “ I started playing music at a really young age. Being born to two great musical parents, I’d say music has always been in my blood. I started out doing a few small gigs here and there with some friends in Shillong. It was only when I went to Pune where my musical talents were really exposed and improved.
    I met a friend of mine who goes by the name LOJAL, we went on a couple city tours around India , played for a few gigs and also some big ones like SOFAR under the artist LOJAL. It’s amazing to be given this opportunity again after a gap of so long because of the pandamic and I’m pretty excited to be playing on home soil again.”
  • AMES a time machine of songs from the 2000s to present day music ranging in the genres of RnB to rock to give out a chill, groovy energy, with a hint of the love potion for all the love struck teens and millenials Up
  • JOERAYMIE, born and brought up in Shillong, Meghalaya is a producer and session musician currently based in his hometown running Marqbac Studio, one of the many studios in Shillong. He started his music career at his early teens playing in the local scene and shows in and out of the state.
  • DBRYN RECORDS: Dbryn Records is a local record label which supports and manages many artists in Meghalaya, giving them a platform to showcase their talents. The following artists, James, Genevieve and Meban are a part of this record label.JAMES : I was born and brought up in Shillong where I’ve been influenced by many good artists. I started singing in school functions and locality show. I was finally able to showcase my talent when I got signed by DBRYN Records. It was through them that I’ve received a platform to perform at weddings, cafés and various vents in and around Shillong.GENEVIEVE : Hailing from Meghalaya, I have loved music ever since i was young. Coming from a musical family, it somehow became a hobby for me to sing. I started singing in the church choir at 6 years old and after my 10th standard, I was very inspired by people who would encourage me to sing. Later on, I competed in various inter college singing competitions which helped with my stage presence. I believe that music is a special gift which brings us closer to our feelings & let us express our thoughts. My first ever MV was “Ka rukom”.MEBAN : Hailing from meghalaya, a beginner who loves country and classic music, started out with a band called the ‘ Melobars ‘. and later went on to pursue a solo career. I now create/sing under a banner of DBRYN Records with hopes to spread love, peace, harmony and happiness through music.
  • CLAUDIA: I started singing in 2018, mainly being inspired by local singers, I loved seeing them grow, maturing and improving year to year as performers and artists. It made me think that maybe, i could walk the way they did too. I love singing Soul/RnB/Jazz because i feel that those styles really connect with the person that i am and use my God-given talent in a good way and that it may in turn inspire others .
    My main motive as a singer is to be heard. I want to be remembered. I want a genuine connection with the listeners. Because I’m sure we have a lot in common.
  • LADY GI: I started singing at a very young age. I was inspired by artists like Aretha Franklin, Eva Cassidy and Alicia Keys. Always loved music but was too shy to perform especially in front of an audience. But I believe anxiety and nerves are completely natural. In fact, they often help give you the right pump of adrenaline before stepping out on stage .I’m passionate about my love for music and I would like to motivate and inspire others too.
  • RHYTHMIC RHYMER:  Shillong based hip-hop artist highly influenced by lyrical rap inspired by old mainstream artists. I’ve been in the game for probably six years, representing the crew I’ve started with known as “The Breed Harmony”. Been rocking with many artists since we started our carrier with a hope that this thing shall some day pave our way out!
  • SARAHLEE is a writer, singer and songwriter born and bought up in Shillong.She began singing and writing at the age of 15.She is the singer and songwriter of renowned band, 4th Element, which has represented India at several International Jazz Festivals, and has performed all across the country.
  • DARRYL is a singer, producer, multi instrumentalist from Shillong, Meghalaya. He spent several years in Malaysia and Singapore, studying production and performance and was a part of acclaimed projects, most notably, GTXperiment and Vital Signals as well as getting opportunities to compose and score for film and screen media.
    Currently he fronts Indian blues outfit Blue Temptation, as of 2019, and spends much of his time working on various other solo as well as collaborative projects.
  • ANDREA is a singer/song-writer who has been performing closely alongside a lot of different acts in the past. Coming from a family of musicians, Andrea has been part of the music scene since her teens
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