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Meghalaya cement is not suitable therefore constructions collapse, only BJP cement should be used: Sanbor


SHILLONG, June 02 : The MLA of BJP from South Shillong constituency,Sanbor Shullai said that the people should choose the BJP now so that it can bring cement which is suitable for construction, while stating that perhaps the cement used by the Government led by the NPP is not suitable and therefore at every place constructions just collapse, and added that the cement should be changed by giving the reins of power to the BJP as is done in other North-eastern states.

The leader of the BJP said that the BJP shall remain in power for the next 50 years in Delhi, and other states like Mizoram has foreseen this and has given the reins of power to the BJP which is now overflowing with direct funding from Delhi for they have also seen in Agartala,Assam, Nagaland that developmental works are flowing abundantly with the presence of the BJP.

He said that in Meghalaya there are only 2 MLAs but even then they try their best to speak directly with Delhi and added that besides all these, what is the point in going to team A,B or C, just go directly to BJP for absolute majority Governing and all the needs of the youths from employment, the problems of the teachers and many others will be tackled.

Shullai who also contested the MP Elections to the Lok Sabha in 2019 said that if he won as an MP in 2019 he would have made it possible for more benefits and funding in the State because Amit Shah had promised him a ministerial berth in Delhi but now with Pala, for 5 years he has just sat in the corner with no benefits.

Speaking on the manner in which the MDA functions under the leadership of the NPP, he said that it is upto the public to decide because the cement provided by them is not suitable and every construction made with it has collapse.

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