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2 MLAs are confirmed to exit the AITC, two-third of the sitting MLAs will lose in the election: Mukul


SHILLONG, May 17: The leader of the Opposition in Meghalaya who is also an MLA of the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC), Dr.Mukul Sangma said that there are about 4 MLAs of the AITC who intend to exit the party before the Assembly Election of 2023, while adding that 2 out of these are confirmed.

He said that even though they are together but if they cannot win the election there is no point, because it does not mean that just because they are the sitting MLA, they will win again.He informed that from the present AITC MLAs, 4 have given signs of exiting the party if they are not sure of getting the party ticket, and they intend to look at other avenues, and from the 4, 2 are confirmed to exit from the AITC.

He said that there are many MLAs who plan to exit just right before the election from their present parties, whether it be from the NPP, UDP or the AITC and this is not uncommon.

Dr.Mukul Sangma also said that the majority of the MLAs are scared of not winning anymore and many of these are presently in the Government. He also further stated that two-third of the MLAs are scared of not being elected again, and if an election is held now, two-third of the sitting MLAs will be defeated.

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