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Uniform Civil Code: Will Meghalaya oppose or accept it?


SHILLONG, May 13:The Uniform Civil Code is the foremost goal for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which from 1998 has also been included in its Election Manifesto for the UCC to be implemented if it comes into power.

What is the Uniform Civil Code? The Uniform Civil Code is the code which will judge all Indian citizens uniformly without taking into account their community, in connection with marriage, divorce, succession and adoption.

The BJP is in power now, and as per Article 44 of the Indian Constitution, the Uniform Civil Code can be implemented by any Government after approval by the Parliament.

After many problematic initiatives were undertaken by the Government led by the BJP, such as the introduction of the CAA and others, at this juncture the BJP has turned its focus to the implementation or introduction of the UCC.The proposal to introduce the Uniform Civil Code was also mentioned by Amit Shah at a meeting of the BJP in Bhopal on the 22nd of April this year. Amit Shah also expressed that this implementation will begin from Uttarakhand and spread out to other parts of the country.

With regards to Meghalaya which already has its own traditional practices and beliefs, how will this code affect it or will it be exempted from the implementation of this code? From the end of t7 news, clarifications were sought from two senior advocates who have a vast knowledge about legal matters.

VGK Kynta, Senior Advocate in the Meghalaya High Court expressed that the three representatives of the State, all the 3 MPs in the Parliament must voice their opposition to the aim of implementing the Uniform Civil Code.

He also said that the other way is to change the Sixth Schedule and remove Para 12(a) of the Sixth Schedule as designed in the beginning, because Para 12(a) weakens the laws passed by the District Council, while also further stating that the Meghalaya Government must pass a resolution in the Assembly to remove Para 12(a) from the Sixth Schedule.

t7 news also spoke with Dr.Fenella L.Nonglait, Advocate and Standing Counsel of the All India Christian Council.Dr.Nonglait expressed that this code is a heavy matter and requires in-depth and broad discussions.

She said that it is not wise to implement this code hurriedly because in connection with laws relating to one’s personal life or belief, the Government cannot interfere in those matters.

Furthermore, she also said that this code can be implemented in places which will not be affected much or where good can come from it, and in a country like India, the Uniform Civil Code is necessary, but in the case of Meghalaya, this code must be kept aside for now.

After the news and announcement of the BJP to focus on the Uniform Civil Code, a majority of the Governments of other States, groups and political parties have expressed their opinions, with some supporting the aim, while some also opposing the aim on various bases.

With regard to the State of Meghalaya,the Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong was spoken to who expressed that it is not easy to do so, and in introducing a uniform civil code, a war might just erupt, because India has many communities that follow distinct and respective ways of life.

He informed that till now the State Government has not received any official information on this aim to implement the Uniform Civil Code, but also expressed that the State Government or the NPP will not support or accept the aim.

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