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Sometimes the tongue unintentionally slips, says Prestone on the criticisms of the UDP


SHILLONG, May 11: The leader of the National People’s Party (NPP) who is also the Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Prestone Tynsong said that the Government of Meghalaya cannot take away the Budget of the State and distribute it to others, to spend in Manipur or other states in the North-east region.

Tynsong stated this while responding to the allegation of the United Democratic Party (UDP) which is in the coalition government, Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA), that the NPP has diverted the funds from Meghalaya to strengthen the party in other North-eastern states.

The National Vice President of the NPP said that this is the campaigning year and perhaps people just speak whatever they want to speak. He said that the NPP has a clear objective and does not speak without thinking on any matter.

On being queried, he said that sometimes while speaking at public meetings, maybe in the heat of the moment, the tongue just slips, and expressed that he does not think what was spoken was intentional, because as it at present, the MDA coalition government is united, with mutual respect for each other and the parties in the Government will not allow for any criticisms or allegations to emerge from amongst each other.

On being asked about the parties which will be contesting against the NPP, Tynsong said that in the Election contest, it all depends on the constituencies because in Meghalaya, the people do not choose a party, but firstly look at the candidate or the person, followed by the party later.

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