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Teacher molests student in Nongstoiñ


A teacher who takes tuitions for school students and who also teaches in a school in Nongstoiñ, as per the FIR report is said to have molested one of his female tuition student who is 13 years of age.

As per the FIR filed by the mother of the student, it was stated further that on the 9th of May, 2022, this student in all innocence, diligently went to the teacher for her daily tuitions but on the said date, other fellow students who take tuitions from the same teacher were absent, and with the absence of the other students, the teacher took advantage of the girl who was all by herself and began touching her while behaving in a very unpleasant manner.The student then told her mother about the incident and the mother immediately filed an FIR against the teacher in Nongstoiñ Police Station which led to them apprehending him today for necessary formalities to be completed.

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