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HITO demands Jio to ensure good network connectivity in Jaiñtia Hills


Jowai: The Hynñiewtrep Integrated Territorial Organisation (HITO), Jaiñtia Hills today the 28th of April, 2022, under the lead of its President, Lawyerson War and the Organising Secretary, Ïomiki Passah, marched down to the Jio office in Jowai to demand a rectification of the erratic Jio network in all of Jaiñtia Hills within 3 days otherwise the organisation will shut down the office of Jio in Jowai.

Today, the leaders of HITO, Jaiñtia Hills submitted a petition before the Manager of Jio and from the Manager’s end, he ensured rectification or take some action based on the necessary demand within 3 days.

The meeting with the office administrators of Jio in Jowai took place after the public have made several complaints time and again but the office failed in rectifying the erratic network, and on this basis the organisation had to intervene and meet with the administrators of the office.

Speaking with the President of the organisation Lawyerson War, he said that there is no point in the office being there if it cannot ensure proper network connectivity in the area, and also pointed that while recharge voucher prices are hiked from time to time but yet, they have failed to provide better service to the people.

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