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Langdongdai WKHD to be given Rs.2 crores


Langdongdai village which is one of the villages under Mawchynrut Civil Sub-Division, West Khasi Hills District and which is situated close to East Garo Hills and Assam, is now identified as an Aspirational Village by the Ministry of Development of the North-eastern Region.

Langdongdai is only about 22 km away from Riangdo and in the village, till now there are around 107 households.

For information, in Meghalaya there are upto 4 villages have been been identified as Aspirational Villages and besides Langdongdai the three others from Garo Hills are Jetra from Chokpot Block, Maheshkola from Rongara Block and Sawekolgre from Gasuapara Block.

In the Khasi Hills this is the only village which has been identified as an Aspirational Village or a village which is the most backward in many aspects and which requires many means to uplift it, and in keeping with these needs of the village, the village will be given Rs.2 crores by the Central Government.

B.Riangtem, Sordar of Langdongdai village while speaking with media persons said that Langdongdai has been identified as an Aspirational Village by the choice made by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

” A few months ago, in 2021, a survey was conducted by the Government office and I believe it is through this survey that this village was found to be backward and which requires many means of help to uplift it and we are filled with happiness”, said the Sordar.

Furthermore he also said that from 2021, different departments of the Central Government have come and conducted several training programmes for the residents of Langrin, especially the ICAR from Umïam through the scientists under the leadership of Dr.H.D Talang, Dr. V.K. Verma, Dr.Vanlalruati and others who also donated equipments to the local residents.

Not only that, but with regards to the training on agriculture, a training was also conducted by the Agriculture Unit(Kyrdemkulai) under the Dean, Dr.Behera and his team.

The Dorbar Shnong extends its gratitude to the Prime Minister of India and also the different government departments which have come to visit and impart training as well as other contributions to the local public residents of Langdongdai and from the Dorbar’s end, it distributed all the contributions that were received amongst all the 107 households.

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