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DS Tympang gives a stern order against indiscriminate dumping of waste and calls for a 36 hours bandh


Jowai : The Dorbar Shnong Tympang, Ïawmusiang Jowai Today filed an FIR against some unidentified people who disposed off garbage near KJP Thomas Jones College and near Meghalaya Rural Bank, Jowai which are within the territory of Ïawmusiang, Jowai.

The Waheh Chnong of DS Ïawmusiang, A.Lywait in the presence of office bearers and members of the locality said that even after they received the information from the CEO of Jowai Municipal Board (JMB), that the garbage have been cleared and the place where the garbage had been collected had also been cleaned by the Fire Brigade and were also sanistised, but there were still some who dumped the garbage in the place.

Furthermore, the DS of Ïawmusiang decided to call for a bandh from 6:00 AM of the 26th of April to 6:00 PM of the 27th of April which is 36 hours. The Dorbar Shnong will no longer allow the vendors to dump garbage in the aforementioned areas where they used to dump their garbage but they must take the responsibility to gather and store the waste generated from their shops. This is not only for the shop vendors but also for others local residents as well and if any violators are found, they will be punished as per law. The DS of Tympang Ïawmusiang said that the prohibition on dumping garbage will be enforced until the time the JMB does not find a proper site to dump the garbage.

Furthermore, it was also expressed that the prohibition on the dumping of waste in the locality comes after other Dorbar Shnongs also prohibited the dumping of waste on the sites which fall under their jurisdiction.

Today evening, the local adminstrators of Ïawmusiang along with the office bearers also went to each and every shop in order to explain to them that they can no longer dump their garbage in the same way as they had been doing in the past few days.

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