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Ernest Mawrie, State President of the BJP in Meghalaya, expressed that as a party it is responsible for the law and order situation in the State, while responding to a query relating to emergence of an insurgent group known as Lawei ba Phyrnai and the threat of the group to bomb a few educational institutions in the State, while placing an appeal to the group Lawei ba Phyrnai to not do anything that disrupts the peace and harmony as well as the law and order situation in the State and if there is anything that they unhappy about or are dissatisfied with to bring it forward or express it in a civilized manner. He also said that the Government in order to bring peace and harmony in the state with Sadon Blah, President of the HNYF as one of the interlocutors of the peace talk between the Government and the HNLC, while also urging the group to work together as the State in a few months will be having elections to elect representatives to the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly and hope that the good representatives are chosen and the new Government can bring about better service and especially law and order as well as peace and harmony.

Ernest Mawrie, President of the BJP in Meghalaya said that Hindi language as a compulsory subject in schools is not a law and has not forcefully enforced by the BJP, but it is only a suggestion that the Government has given through Amit Shah who is the Chairman of the Parliamentary Linguistic Committee and from his end, he has proposed this matter while stating that if in the North-Eastern region too, if the Government can include Hindi as a subject upto Class X then it will be most beneficial for students later on, but to say that the Government has laid down conditions to make Hindi a compulsory subject is a mistake as has been reported in the news agencies. He said that this is not the first time that suggestions have been made to the public to send letters written in the Hindus language to the Central Offices which was also followed right from the rule of the Congress party and not just the BJP. He also expressed that personally as the President of the BJP in Meghalaya when he goes for meetings or conferences in Delhi, there are times when certain matters have to be expressed in the Hindi language as well, and through this trial of his, it has helped much in conversing or talking with others, and concluded by saying that if the Government will not force any student but will leave it up to them to choose as per their wish.

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