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SHILLONG, March 25: The National People’s Party (NPP) today the 25th of March, announced the name of Teiborlang Pathaw as the party candidate to contest in the upcoming Assembly Election from Mawlai constituency. This was announced by the National President,Conrad Kongkal Sangma and the National Vice President,Prestone Tynsong in the function held to welcome Teiborlang Pathaw to the NPP.

The MDC from Mawlai constituency, Teiborlang Pathaw officially joined the NPP today in the presence of the leaders of the party and also his supporters in Mawlai.

Speaking in this function,Pathaw said that the reason for his joining the NPP is because of the party having wise leaders, in which he applauded the manner in which the MDA Government led by the NPP functions, whereby difficult decisions were taken, especially the passing of the resolution to implement the Inner Line Permit, to resolve the border issue with Assam and also to relocate the residents from Them Ïew Mawlong. He said that it is only this Government led by the NPP which has had the guts to take these decisions.

Furthermore he said that the NPP is the voice of the people in the North East region, and it is through this party that this party that the voice of the people can be made heard in Delhi, for the NPP is the only political party from the North East region which has party office in Delhi.

Sniawbhalang Dhar, the Working President of the NPP in Meghalaya said that there is hope that Teiborlang Pathaw will be victorious in the 2023 Election, while also claiming that the NPP will be the single largest majority party after the election, and expressed that from Jaintia Hills, the NPP might win in all the 7 seats.

The National Vice President of the NPP, Prestone Tynsong urged the supporters of the NPP from Mawlai to lead Teiborlang Pathaw to victory. He praised the MDC of Mawlai constituency for he is one of the path finders for the youths by providing employment to thousands of state’s youths.

Speaking at the gathering, the National President of the NPP who is also the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad Kongkal Sangma said that the party welcomes Teiborlang Pathaw and his supporters, by stating that he has work with the Government in all matters for he has a sense of responsibility, especially with regards to the matters affecting the public.

He said that Teiborlang Pathaw does not need an introduction for he is already a popular name known and recognised by everyone, who has the trust of the youths, who thinks before he speaks, who has done something for the youths by providing them with employment, and added that if Teiborlang Pathaw is given a chance to work at a higher level, he can do so much more for the public of Mawlai.

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