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Jowai: The youths who have an aim of sitting for the examinations of the District Selection Committee (DSC) and the Meghalaya Public Service Commission (MPSC) , flocked to the orientation programme on the two committee’s examinations conducted by the District and the State. This programme was held by the Jaiñtia Career Coaching Centres(JCCC) with its office in Moowamon Mihmyntdu, West Jaiñtia Hills District.

On this day, the programme was held in the District Library Auditorium, Mynthong, Jowai which was conducted by B.Samayang, Secretary, JCCC, while A.A Shullai, MDC of the Jaiñtia Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC) was the Chief Guest with Lasting Suchiang, H.H Mohrmen and others also being present.

Shullai in his speech extended his gratitude and praise to all the founders and administrators of the JCCC for being the first of its kind training institutes for the youths in Jaiñtia Hills, while also stating that in the past the youths who wanted to get some training for these kinds of examinations would have to go to Shillong and also other states of the country.

He urged the youths to spend most their time in studying for they are getting an opportunity such as this,however, he also urged them to not spend their time only in studying through the internet or mobile phones but by reading and studying physical copy of the books.

H.H Mohrmen spoke on how to judiciously spend their time in studying and reading any book be it newspapers and other reading materials which can be of benefit to them, while also stating that this is their time to study, to research or even oppose anything based on their research findings.

Lasting Suchiang in his speech said that government jobs are good but one must also think of businesses or other means of securing a livelihood. He said that as it is at present, for one vacant posts, there are thousands of applicants, therefore he urged them to concentrate in their studies, while also stating that in the written examinations of the DSC or the MPSC there is no partiality for only the best will be selected, and from his end too he wants for a change to come in the state in the form of many government posts in the districts of the state.

Explanations on the topic of Exam Strategies, Time Management and others were imparted to the youths who attended the programme by the Assistant Professor of St.Anthony’s College, Extension Campus, Byndihati, East Jaiñtia Hills District.

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