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Jowai : The 5th annual Dorbar Niamtre of the Sein Raij Bataw, East Jaiñtia Hills District and organised by the Seiñ Khynroo Khyllood Sein Raij held on Sunday, the 6th of March 2022 was indeed a lively event with the participation of many young males and females from the different Raijs of Jaiñtia Hills. On this day, Lasky Rymbai, Deputy CEM of the JHADC was the Chief Guest in the presence also of the Doloi of Elaka Jowai, Puramon Kynjing and others.

On this day, the meeting was conducted by the Secretary of Seiñ Raij Bataw, Tony Byrloi and thanksgiving prayers were led by Homi Lyngdoh, Adviser SKKSB, unfurling of the flag by Sngawbha Suchiang and a welcome note from Shewanki Sumer, President Seiñ Raij Bataw.

The Chief Guest, Lasky Rymbai in a speech said that the indigenous religion and indigeneity through attires, language, manners, and courtesy are identity markers of indigeneity to other communities, and the presence of the Niamtre preserves and retains the traditional practices which the ancestors have laid down.

Doloi, Puramon Kynjing who spoke on the topic of ” Lei Wada Ïoh u Makhane, U Kine Ïanom Rta U Im tynre”, said that the first thing that rootedness teaches us while teaching that the body is life while the rootedness of the soul comes from the divine force of God. He said that in this way the Dorbar Niamtre bestows the teachings and blessings for life and the soul. Furthermore, he also said that the female has a unique power from the male in which God has specially attributed household chores and caregiving of children from the prenatal stage which a male cannot do, but a male also has another duty which he has to fulfill.

Words of wisdom and advice were delivered by Dren Biam, Ex- Adviser, SRB, Moses Lyngdoh who is the Lyngdoh of Seiñ Raij Deinchynrum spoke on the topic, ” Ka Niam Ka Rukom Katkam Ithaw”, Shangbor Rymbai, spoke on the topic,” I’m Tip Bru Tip Blai”, Tity Syad, member of the SKKSRB and others also spoke. On this day, Seiñ Khynroo Khyllood Seiñ Raij Bataw distributed prizes to winners of the Quiz Competition held on Saturday, by the Chief Guest and the Doloi.


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