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The Seng Khasi Nongmynsong on the 6th of March,2022 concluded the it annual Shad Suk Mynsiem held in Urkaliar Ground.

This 2 days thanksgiving dance began on the 5th of March, in which prior to the start of the celebratory dance, prayers were offered to the Almighty seeking for blessings that the dance may be filled with much joy and happiness so that the male and female dancers along with the musicians and spectators can truly receive God’s blessings in abundance.

On the last day of the dance, hundreds of men and maidens along with children set foot on the arena to participate in the dance as a form of thanksgiving to the Almighty above and below for the blessings he had already bestowed on humans in the past year, and at the same time, prior to the season of sowing, once more, for the Almighty to grant unto humans, abundant blessings so that everything goes well in the process of cultivation and work, livelihood, and health.

The dancers who entered the arena were completely dressed in their fine traditional attires, with the maidens adorning the ornate crown on which was fixed the ‘lasubon’, a symbol of the weight she carries on her physical being and the aura of being female and also as the caregiver of her family, while the men in their waistcloth, turban and ‘shymphiah’ which they held in their hands, a symbol of them being male and the protector of their family, clan, society and homeland.

In all the hours of the dance, every male and female dancer, synchronized their moves to the sound of music played so joyfully and enlivening the whole event.

Prominent members of society who came and witnessed the dance on the last day of the dance included the MP of Shillong Parliamentary Constituency who is also the MPCC President, Vincent H.Pala, Pynthorumkhrah MLA and also Advisor to the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Alexander Laloo Hek, Local MDC Pynshngain N.Syiem, Acting Syiem of Hima Mylliem, Pa’iem Ainam Manik Syiem and Samborlang Diengdoh, MLA contender in the upcoming Assembly Election.

The leaders of Seng Khasi Kmie was represented by the two Vice Presidents, Wallamphang Roy and O.Pyngrope, Assistant General Secretary, Paia B.Synrem, Assistant Secretary, Synroplang Kharshiing, members of the Seng Kynthei Seng Khasi Kmie, apart from the President of Seng Khasi Mawlai, D.L Nongbri along with persons accompanying the dancers and hundreds of spectators.

At the end of the dance, gift packets were also distributed to all the male and female dancers with a vote of thanks delivered by Skor Jala, President of Seng Khasi Nongmynsong.

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