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Nongpoh, 27 January: Last night the youth group or Seng Samla of Downgate, Nongpoh held a night watch based on the suspicious activities of a few persons and during this effort were able to catch two drug peddlers.

As per statements given by members of the youth group, it was said that the night watch was held to catch these people and at the first instance two were caught which include drug peddlers identified as Baiakmenlang Tiewsoh,30 years and Ravi Sunar, both residents of Downgate locality and after much pressure put on Baiakmenlang Tiewsoh, through his phone call two other drug addicts identified as Amanlang Khongshei,24 years, a resident of 20 Mile and another whose name could not be retrieved were also caught.

The Seng Samla of Downgate, Nongpoh after catching the 4 persons informed the Headman of the locality and also the police force of Nongpoh Police Station to conduct their investigation and after the investigation and body check conducted on them, some amount of cocaine and a weapon was seized from Baiakmenlang Tiewsoh as well as a drug syringe from Ravi Sunar. After all investigation processes were completed as per the provisions of the NDPS law, the 4 were taken into custody.

Speaking with the Headman,Remijus Lyngdoh, and President of Seng Samla Dong Downgate, Lumlang Shylla, they have expressed grave concern over the increase of drug addicts in Nongpoh which has posed a grave danger to the lives of the young people and also society as this has also resulted in an increase of many criminal activities in Nongpoh area.

The locality of Downgate and the Seng Samla have strongly requested the law forces to take stringent actions and punish the culprits as per the NDPS law so that the increasing drug menace in Nongpoh area can be eradicated completely and safety and security can be felt again in all of Nongpoh area.

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