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SHILLONG, January 24: The General Secretary of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Dr.Jemino Mawthoh said that the signs at present indicate that in the Khasi-Jaintia Hills, the fight in the MLA elections of 2023 will be between the UDP and the NPP.

He said that it is clear that the fight will be between the NPP and the UDP, but it again depends on the electorate for even though these two parties are coalition partners at present in the coalition government of Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA), when they go to the people, it is up to the wisdom of the people to decide who they will choose.

Responding to a query, the UDP leader who is also a former MLA said that other parties at present are divided and weakened and gave the examples of the Congress and the BJP in the State. With regard to the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC), he said that the Trinamool Congress has not been able to spread its roots in the State for it is presently prominent only in West Bengal and perhaps it might get a few MLAs from Garo Hills but in the Khasi-Jaiñtia Hills, it will not get any support.

On the other hand, Mawthoh said that the UDP has always aimed for unity and stability even when the party did not get many MLAs in the 2018 elections, but he added that the party’s presence in the coalition Government has added to the stability in the present Government and added to smooth governance in the State.

He said that in almost 5 years now, even though the UDP has very few MLAs it has remained and stabilized the coalition government of the MDA, and expressed that the party does not want for the Government to be unstable because an unstable Government is a hindrance to many developmental works and with a stable Government on the other hand, much can be achieved for the State especially in its development. He said that it is not only in the Government but even in the two District Councils, the presence of the UDP has stabilized governance.

Mawthoh further stated that as a leader he cannot just claim or say that whatever is being done by the Government or the District Councils is perfect because the presence of other groups will inevitably bring some differences. He said that however, the UDP tries to always bring about a common goal for the upliftment of the community.

The leader of the UDP also said that from the party’s end whenever any inadequacy or fault of the Government is seen, the party points out and shows the fault and he added that with regard to the irregularities in the MeECL Department, the party stands strong to demand a rectification.

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