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Coal ban has affected Jaiñtia people dearly, denying coal mining is akin to denying them food: MP Kharluki   


Shillong: Member of Parliament and National People’s Party (NPP) leader, Dr. Wanweiroy Kharlukhi on Friday expressed his deep disappointment with the way the NGT imposed the coal ban in Meghalaya.

Kharlukhi, who himself is from Jaintia Hills region, stated that he had witnessed how coal mining had significantly boosted the local economy and improved the livelihoods of the less fortunate.

He emphasized that coal mining had been a way of life for the people in the region for nearly four decades. Therefore, he questioned the sudden imposition of such a ban, Kharluki asserting that he have always supported coal mining, he added that coal is the livelihood for the people of Jaintia Hills, denying coal mining to my people, who have practiced it for almost four decades, is akin to denying them food, he added.

Kharlukhi cited the adverse impact of the ban on illegal coal mining, acknowledging that it had taken a toll on many lives. He argued that rat hole mining only became prevalent after the NGT imposed the ban.

Recalling an incident where people from various districts had to host a church congregation but lacked the funds to do so, Kharlukhi explained that they had resorted to rat hole mining to raise money.

“When a truck moves, it benefits many, including tea sellers, kwai sellers, and others. It contributes to the state’s economy,” Kharlukhi added.

He also raised questions about why the NGT had not taken any action against stubble burning during winters in Delhi, a practice causing harm not only to people but also to animals.


Kharlukhi expressed disappointment that the central government had not provided any compensation to the affected people of Jaiñtia hills in this matter.

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