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Removal of Women’s Commission Chairperson was not done on Hearsay, says Paul Lyngdoh; new chairperson will be appointed from non-political background


Shillong: Following the termination of the incumbent chairperson the Meghalaya State Commission for Women, Phidalia Toi from the position, Minister incharge, Paul Lyngdoh on Thursday rubbished the allegations that he removed the chairperson based on hearsay.

Lyngdoh mentioned that he has studied the ellaborate report submitted and it was learnt that Toi was absent from meetings. ” The chairperson is aware that one has to be present in four consecutive meetings. The notings on the files clearly suggested that was not the case. Also a fact that a complaint was lodged against her for being involved in an election campaign. So it’s very easy for people to make allegations against the government. When we don’t act, the public say we are silent, when we act they ask why are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urxnxKtBfGAwe acting,” mentioned Lyngdoh.

Earlier, the MSCW issued a statement expressing shock over the removal of the chairperson. They stated that this removal announced by the minister during a press conference was done in contravention of the tenets of the Meghalaya State Commission for Women Act, 2005.

Lyngdoh added that the question of the govt acting with fear or favour doesn’t arise. The department will have a search committee. And since it has been pointed in media several times that the government tends to pick up people only from political fraternity, so now the govt will appoint someone from a none political background and one who understands the issues of women.

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