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Sudden change in the reservation will be challenging, govt needs to constitute a committee: says KSU


Shillong: The president of the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU), Lambokstar Marngar have suggested the government of Meghalaya to setup a committee to deliberate on the matter of Reservation Policy so it will benefit every sections of the community within Meghalaya.

However, the KSU chief have also said that it is a challenging task to make any sudden changes in the policy as it has been in practice for almost 50 years now.

Speaking to reporters, Marngar said the Policy is not a new issue for the Union, leaders of the KSU had voiced concerns from past years that there is a need in reviewing the policy.

The KSU once again reiterates that the Roster system should be implement prospectively not retrospectively.

“Sudden changes is a challenge, but if they (govt) have set-up committee to study on Roster, I suggest the government to set-up another committee to deliberate on the issue of Reservation policy as this will affect our people in terms of job employment”, said Marngar.

As of the population ratio, everyone knows which community has the highest number, but if the government is here to serve for the benefit of the general population, they have to set-up a committee, added Marngar.

“It’s dangerous to jump into any conclusion, but what’s best for all is for the government to set-up a committee with experts from both (Khasi and Garo)
community so there will be no impartiality to anyone”, he added.

Margar further added that with the change in time, there is a need to review the reservation policy in terms of job employment.

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