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Manipur Violence: Meghalaya CM call an urgent meeting to check on the safety of students of Meghalaya in Manipur, appeal for peace in Manipur


As violent clashes broke out in various parts of Manipur, including several reports of homes belonging to tribal residents being allegedly attacked. Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Thursday called an urgent meeting with officials to discuss about the situation in Manipur and to check on the safety of students of Meghalaya studying in the state. Chief Minister said that the Meghalaya government are in touch with officials to ensure their safety.

Meghalaya Chief Minister also urges the citizens of Manipur to ensure peace prevails and all differences and complications be resolved in an amicable manner. Expressing concerns over the violent riots taking place in Manipur and appealed all to maintain peace and harmony. He appealed to all sides to try and resolve their issues in an amicable manner, and urged all to avoid hurting any religious sentiments.

In a video message, the CM said, “The recent incidents that have been taking place in the state of Manipur have been very disturbing and at this point in time I would urge to all the citizens of Manipur state, all our brothers and sisters there, that we should maintain peace and harmony out there. And we should not go into any violent activities. I would like to appeal for peace and I would like to urge that whatever the complications may be there, we should try and resolve those matters in an amicable manner. I also would like to appeal that we should not do anything to hurt any religious sentiments. There have been different attacks on different religious.”

“Institutions and different religious places, these are not very healthy for our society and this will only complicate matters more, and hence I urge that we should refrain from any such activity and would like to appeal once again to all our friends and all our brothers and sisters in Manipur that we should try and ensure that peace. Prevails and all the different situations are and complications are resolved in amicable.”


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