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Hospital negligence case: Rangbah Shnong demands compensation, to meet Health Minister soon


Shillong: The village headman of Mawlyndep, Ri-Bhoi District, Jinu Kharbuki demanded that the government through the health department of the State should compensate with the expenses of the family of Paltima Rani who were badly affected by the carelessness of the nurses of Ganesh Das Maternal & Child Health Hospital, Shillong while delivering a child.

The baby later died and the hospital has been accused that the baby died due to the carelessness of the in-change of this case.

The village headman on Wednesday has also demanded the government to also penalize the ones who have carelessly left a needle inside of Paltima’s body which had to be removed at NEIGRIHMS hospital.

The village also called for an Executive Committee meeting to have a talk with the minister in-change of Health and Family Welfare Department of the State, Ampareen Lyngdoh.

It can be pointed out that the baby who was born at Games Dad Hospital, has been taken to Nazareth Hospital where she expired on Wednesday however the mother’s condition is improving after the needle was taken out of her body at Neighrims hospital.

At the same time the relatives of Paltima Rani, Donald Rani expressed his gratitude towards NEIGRIHMS hospital which has willingly took the case of Paltima Rani and successfully took out the needle from her body. He also condemn the carelessness of Ganesh Das Hospital.

Paltima’s husband was unable to do anything to help due to their poverty, and could only shed tears.

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