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In our Khasi-Garo culture, we never spit on the plate from which we eat: Conrad


Shillong: As the election for the Sohiong seat is on full swing, the National president of the National People’s Party (NPP) and the Chief Minister of Meghalaya Conrad K Sangma slams at the parties alliance with the MDA-II for campaigning against the NPP.

“There are many other political parties, they will come here and give so many speeches against the National People’s Party, they will work with the National People’s Party when it is convenient for them but when the election campaigns come they will speak against the National People’s Party. In our culture, be it in Khasi or Garo culture, we never spit on the plate from which we eat”, said Conrad while speaking at a public meeting at Krang on Monday for the party candidate, Samlin Malngiang the former cabinet minister.

The NPP chief said the National People’s Party believes in ‘working together’, but sad to see leaders of other parties were campaigning against the NPP just because election is near.

“We have never uttered a single word against these people, but it hurts me today when I hear such language and such divisive politics that people are playing. This is not healthy for our people and for our State”, he said.

The NPP believes in positive politics and developmental politics, said CM Conrad. Reminding the people of Sohiong on the initiative in bringing the Western Bypass road, CM informed that 80% of the road project will go through the constituency.

“Lives will be changed, employment will be generated, tourism will be developed, the farmers will be benefited. These are the developmental politics of the NPP”, said CM Conrad.

Education and health sectors will be taken as top priority, assured the Chief Minister.

Urging people to vote for the NPP, Conrad said that casting of votes for other parties will be a lost, as it is the NPP that is leading the State. “The only way to take Sohiong constituency forward, the only way to bring development into the Sohiong constituency is to be with the government and to vote for that political party (NPP) that is leading the government”, he added.

The CM once again reminded that it was the NPP led MDA government initiative that push the opening of Mining in the State.

“We filed the case in 2019, and thereafter the Supreme Court has lifted the banned on the mining that was there put in by NGT”, said the CM.

As the Apex court of the nation has directed both state and union government to implement ‘scientific mining’, the CM informed that Government of India has approved the mining lease for four miners and both the governments are in process to do the paperwork for the scientific mining to start.

“In a matter of 60 days from today, the scientific mining will start in the State of Meghalaya”, assured the Chief Minister.

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