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BJP stands on corruption issues in the State remain unchanged


Shillong: The BJP stand-firm with its stands on corruption of any form and it’s stands on the corruption issues in the state remains unchanged, said BJP national secretary Rituraj Sinha on Monday.

“BJP believes that corruption is a disease in democracy, it is the greatest hindrance to development of a state and the welfare of the people. BJP is anti-corruption, anti-dynasties and is anti anybody who is anti-India, which is anti-national”, said Sinha while speaking to reporters in the city.

The statement came after Sinha response sought regarding Home Minister Amit Shah alleging the State of Meghalaya as one of the most corrupt states in the country at a political campaign in Tura on February 17.

However, the BJP leader said that since the election are over, it is time for the Centre and the Meghalaya government to work together in ensuring the best possible stable government for the State of Meghalaya.

“Meghalaya has alot of developmental challenges, it has state finance challenge, it is for the central government and state government to come together to find solutions for the people, to work for the benefit and development of the people of the State and that is the current priority of all constructive parties in Meghalaya politics”, said Singa.

On asked as to why the BJP restricted to only two seats after despite contesting from all 60 seats and campaigns done by high profile faces like PM Modi and HM Amit Shah, Sinha replied that as ever party, the BJP job is also to put the best foot forward.

“In every election our job is to put our best foot forward, present an alternative to the people of the state and in a healthy democracy after the campaign ends and the election results are out, you accept the mandate of the people”, said Sinha.

On asked if the people of the state have not accepted the saffron party in the State, Sinha said that the support of the BJP have grown compared from the 2018.

“Why and what more can be done to further strengthen the party is a matter of introspection. And that goes on always”, said the BJP leader.

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